Erika Kramer
1 min readJan 27, 2022

The 33 Project

Hi folks. Brrr. It’s brisk out there and the city is gearing up for a snow storm this weekend. My already subpar, yet decently overpriced, service providers have sent around their form emails telling me to prep. I guess it’s time to dip into those early pandemic pasta reserves? All around feeling very whatever about everything!

Everything except these three recs of course:

1/ I loved this short film produced in partnership with Patagonia. Paige Alms is an inspiring, top of her game, surfer who catches big waves. The theme of switching fear into fuel really comes across in this beautiful film. Made me want to surf!

Sign up to view the film on WaterBear network — it’s free and they have lots of great content.

2/ This was great, at times brutal, listen. The Flint water poisoning crisis continues to this day and we, as a collective, really should be more invested. Jordan Chariton is clearly doing the work to investigate the situation and in his reporting has built a strong opinion on mainstream media and its role in the crisis. Definitely worth a listen.

3/ Lastly, I sort of love this lady and her Cornish shack. Great garden!

That’s all for this week. Thanks as always for reading and please share with anyone you think may be interested. Have a great weekend.