Erika Kramer
2 min readOct 21, 2021

The 33 Project

I’ve had little to no time this week to indulge in the fun content that I usually share here. I’m grateful for the work I’ve had but I’m also ready to slow it down a bit. I do, however, want to show up and I’m showing up this week with three quick recs for you.

1/ Man Alive — A memoir from a trans man unfolding his past traumas while trying to understand his future and what makes a ‘man.’

I finished this book earlier in the week and it was very moving read. It’s refreshing to read stories about a life I truly just don’t know. Not a dig at the author, I mean a life experience that I have not had to endure. It’s entirely foreign to me, but through the writing I feel connected to it and I feel like I understand it and can insert myself in that narrative. I especially liked the moments where he outlines his relationship with his then girlfriend, during his transition. They’re very intimate passages and give language to something largely unknown. I found those moments tender and very moving. Great read and would recommend to anyone.

2/ This happened. lol. But also, smh.

3/ Sometimes when I need a fun distraction I turn to Damon Dominque’s youtube channel. He’s a content creator in the youth travel space and has really developed a style and form that is specific and entertaining. He dropped a “pilot” of sorts form his traveling escapades through Bucharest and it’s a fun watch.

Back to work! See you next week.

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Erika Kramer