Erika Kramer
1 min readFeb 9

The 33 Project

Hello hello. Started the morning with an intense workout followed by immediate design work, so I suppose I’m catching up already! Whatever, here I am.

Thank you as always for even just clicking open on this email. As of Tuesday, it’s been 2.5 years of writing this email and I feel very honored to even have one reader. Feel free to share this with more people and if you’re feeling like you want even more of this nonsense, I’ve added a paid option with an additional newsletter coming out every weekend. More recs!!

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Ok, on to the recommendations for this week…

1/ A conversation between Nobel Prize-winning author Annie Ernaux and filmmaker Céline Sciamma on feminisms past and present.

2/ Muna is a wonderful band that makes really fun pop music. This episode of Song Exploder features them explaining one of their most recent songs called What I Want. It’s such an enjoyable dance bop. It makes me want to go to an outdoor pride party or something.

3/ Another interesting take on ChatGPT and AI (/my latest obsession).

Thank you again for reading and see y’all next week!

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Erika Kramer