Erika Kramer
1 min readMar 16, 2023

The 33 Project

Being sick is the worst. It’s been a full week since I started to be ill and the virus persists. I don’t have much to share this week, but here’s what I could pull together in between naps:

1/ I like reading through the NYT bestseller list and have often been influenced to read a book or two from it. That said, I’d never looked all that closely at it until now. Thanks, to this tiktok from a book store owner, I now know that when there is a dagger image placed next to a book title, that indicates that the publisher sold that book in bulk for events or other reasons and thus inflates the number of sales.

So when you see that dumbfuck governor of Florida topping the nonfiction list this week, but there’s a dagger next to it, know he cheated to be there!

2/ In between coughing and napping, I found some time to watch this incredibly delightful documentary:

It was charming, funny, and inspiring. It follows the most lovely used and rare book sellers based in NYC. You can stream the film on Amazon Prime.

3/ Photographers looking to submit work, this is a cool open call. More details, here.

Ok, back to bed for me. Thanks as always for reading and sharing this newsletter. If you’re interested in an extra set of recs, sent over the weekend, then feel free to upgrade to the paid version. Thanks again and see you next week.