Erika Kramer
1 min readApr 4, 2024

The 33 Project

Hello hello. It’s Thursday! Back in the city after an epic week in London and was greeted with torrential rain and winds. It’s good to be home.

Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

Anyway, there’s much to catch up on, so I’ll make it brief. On to this week’s recs:

1/ Despite the high price tag, I’m a lover of Van Leeuwen ice cream. Was cool to learn their origin story and about how they’ve become such a successful business.

2/ An incredible obit for an incredible life lived.

3/ This was an interesting take on design and architecture. “The secrets of an ex-architectural illustrator.

“This drawing is bad. I can say that, because I did it, under careful client instruction. Instruction to make it a ‘non-specific time of day’, ‘non-specific weather’, ‘non-specific people’, ‘non-specific colour’, ‘non-specific trees’ etc, etc. It is the definition of the ‘middle ground’, and it was this phenomena (and some other contributing factors) that led to me eventually leaving the industry.”

That’s all for this week’s recs. Join me on the premo side if you want a few more interesting things to consume this weekend. Thanks again and see you soon.