Erika Kramer
2 min readMay 20, 2021

The 33 Project

This week’s been a true test in time management and mitigating stress. Let me tell you, I didn’t shine. I didn’t fail. But to say I’m thriving right now, would be a lie. But, that’s ok. I’m learning to just go with it. As long as things get done, and done to the best of my ability in that moment, then that’s something to be ok with. Woof.

Anyway, I have some pretty cool recs this week that made me think, made me dig a little deeper and really scratched that curiosity itch.

Here we go:

1/ My Body Got Me Through the Pandemic. It Doesn’t Need to Be ‘Bikini Ready’

Summer’s coming and with that the annual body-shame and panic. This piece was a nice breath of fresh air on the topic. A few pull quotes I liked:

There’s been so much discussion in recent months about [who we’ll be] when the pandemic finally ends for good. But I worry that not enough of us are giving ourselves credit for who we were /during/ the pandemic and for how we showed up for ourselves during the largest public-health crisis in modern history.

What I want for myself and everyone else in a physical form that doesn’t fit the normative mold, though, is the freedom to celebrate our presence in the world and the wisdom to understand how hard our bodies work every day to keep us going.

It can be a struggle to be kind on our bodies, our selves. But, it’s nice to read content that reminds us to breathe, to be thankful, and to be ok.

alexander krivitskiy via unsplash

2/ Julie Bindel was on Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish podcast talking about feminism, sexuality and gender. It’s a great listen, as Bindel is a true expert on sex work. I found what she said about the social conditioning of boys and girls, particularly with regard to lower socio-economic class, to be especially fascinating. Also, I’d never really made the connection between porn/viewing women sexually and how we consider our sexual orientations and identity. It’s worth a listen first then a chat, so if you want to discuss it more, shoot me a message!

3/ Lastly, here’s an INCREDIBLE ARCHIVE of all the Jeopardy episodes with each and every question and answer. You. Are. Welcome.

That’s all for this week.

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