Erika Kramer
3 min readAug 11, 2022

The 33 Project

The big Amsterdam trip has now come and gone and what a lovely trip it was. It was filled with moments of sincere love and joy and friendship. Susannah was, and continues to be, thoughtful beyond words. My friends are kind and funny and adventurous. I am, immeasurably lucky.

The view from our airbnb in the Jordaan

The view from our airbnb in the Jordaan

As I reintegrate to the work grind, I’ve been thinking a bit about time. How it was never really limited when on vacation. How beautiful it was to log off and not focus on a work calendar with blocks of time segmented for others. The day just moved along, lounging was an activity, and the only deadlines were self-manufactured. I felt lighter and freer and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

On to the recs for this week:

1/ Street art saves lives. I loved reading this piece outlining the benefits of painted street murals. It turns out that drivers and walkers are safer and more cautious when there are crosswalks decorated with painted murals.

The study examined the crash history at 17 asphalt art sites across the country that have a minimum of two years of crash data. It found 83 fewer crashes at the analyzed intersections — more than a 50 percent decrease compared with data from before the crosswalks were painted.

An intersection near an elementary school in Durham, N.C. Since asphalt art was installed last May, potentially dangerous collisions between drivers and pedestrians dipped by 30 percent. (Bloomberg Philanthropies)

Video footage of five recently installed art sites across the country was also used to gather information in the study. Following installations, there was a 27 percent rise in the rate of motorists yielding to pedestrians, and a 38 percent decline in pedestrians crossing against the walk signal.

A five-way intersection in Lancaster, Pa. After an intersectional mural was added in September, the rate of drivers yielding to…