Erika Kramer
2 min readAug 15, 2020

The 33 Project

This one’s a little late. Sorry, self. I have actually had a lot of editing work for a lovely client and it’s kept me busy busy! In fact, after sending this to myself, I’ll need to flip back to editing. Such is life.

Here are my quick three for the day.

1/ This article on marriage during the pandemic. The takeaway: In America today, people aren’t more privileged because they’re married; they’re married because they’re more privileged. When it comes down to it, economic insecurity makes it hard to plan for the future and thus people don’t get married. It’s yet another painful consequence of capitalism and the rise of globalism. Well, painful if you’re interested in marriage and settling down and all of that. There’s so much more to dig into when you consider my LGBTQ+ community, but that’s for another day.

2/ This is a weird one, no doubt, but I need to endorse messaging through the instagram platform. I suppose text messages and messaging in general could work. But today I carried on two really interesting conversations via instagram messages. I spoke to my very good friend in Minnesota about American politics and his life and I spoke briefly with a woman I know in Amsterdam about content we both like. Each of these “conversations” took place from the comfort of my bed in the West Village. Immediate. Satisfying. The platform allowed for a type of connection that just worked. Everything else about it is gd awful, of course. But, yeah, whatever.

3/ This article, and the accompanying photos, moved me deeply.

The article is a journal from the NYT Metro editor on her experience from mid-March until now, mid-August. The city has been full of an unwieldy amount of stuff. Death, pain, grief, isolation, resistance, togetherness, purpose, anger, camaraderie, and so much more. We need our own dictionary. Our own language.

This article, these photos, they felt like the beginning of that. As a New Yorker and as a human, I felt deeply connected to it.

Ok, peace.

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Erika Kramer