Erika Kramer
1 min readAug 16, 2020

The 33 Project

Sunday! Scattered rain. Lazy day. Well, I worked from 8am-10am. Then went for a run. Then biked to my parents. So not that lazy. But, I’m home now, feeling like I’m not going to do anything else. So kind of lazy? Anyway, today’s recos will be quick!

1/ This podcast featuring Tessie Castillo and George Wilkerson on their new book, The Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row, is quite interesting. The book features stories from men on death row and the interview is thoughtful. It’s an important reminder that good storytellers come in all types, often they just need the support to share their story.

2/ There’s a wonderful album for a drizzly Sunday afternoon. It’s called La vita nuova by Christine and the Queens. There’s so much to love about Hélöise Letissier. The artistry, the commitment, the voice. It’s like liquid. The visual album is pretty incredible, too.

3/ YouTube-world issues-aside, this was a great episode of Dan Mace’s vlog series. He, and his team, are relentless. They create and create and create. It’s nice to see his drive turning into productive and inspiring content. It’s better than a daily vlog that lacks structure and purpose. It’s nice to see him mature as he develops on the platform. I hope he involves more women, more people of color, and broadens his vision beyond just “making cool shit”. But, yeah, solid episode, bruh.

Ok, bye.