Erika Kramer
1 min readSep 9, 2021

The 33 Project

Hello reader friends. Hope everyone is easing into Fall, despite, well…everything. Let’s hop into the recommendations for this week.

1/ This was an interesting visual story of a wildland firefighter’s tasks battling fires. There’s a lot that goes into stopping the flames and it appears this process will only grow more complicated and more frequent.

2/ I loved reading this piece about the appeal of Provincetown.

One thing that doesn’t wash here is pretense. Unlike some other locales (that perhaps start with an N and may appear in a dirty limerick), where neckties might be worn and newbies want to pull up the ladder behind them, Provincetown accepts all comers — as you are or want to be. Not only can you let your freak flag fly; chances are it is already fluttering.

3/ This will warm your little heart.

I’ll be heading to Copenhagen next week for about two weeks. Please share any tips or recommendations of places to check out while I’m there! Excited.

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