The 33 Project

It’s December! Let’s jump right into the recs for this week:

1/ On November 26th, musical composer Stephen Sondheim passed away at the age of 91. Along with his incredible talent, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I loved reading this tribute. …

The 33 Project

Greetings from the Metro North!

Heading back in to the city and thanks to the wonders of remote wifi here we are.

some train, somewhere

On to the recs:

1/ I really enjoyed this profile/interview with Emily Ratajkowski. She seems to be on an incredibly bold and overreaching press tour…

The 33 Project

Hey y’all. I’m in Texas today visiting family and it’s a trip!

Onto to the recs for today:

1/ This podcast dives into “luxury beliefs” and explores why it’s often those least effected by an issue that loudly proclaim it’s importance. I found the discussion around Defund…

The 33 Project

I’ve had little to no time this week to indulge in the fun content that I usually share here. I’m grateful for the work I’ve had but I’m also ready to slow it down a bit. …

The 33 Project

Hello hello. It’s Thursday so it’s time for some recommendations! Here are this week’s three:

1/ I’ve been sitting with this post for a while. It’s really beautiful and sad and intense. It’s a personal essay of a son’s experience reckoning with his clinically depressed mother’s death…

The 33 Project

Hello friendly readers. Happy Thursday and thank you, as always, for being here to read through this weeks recommendations.

Being back in NYC feels both exciting and daunting. One thing I’ve always loved, and kind of felt a little queasy about, is how New York really never…

The 33 Project

God morgen! Still in CPH and still enjoying every minute of it. We’ve been eating so much incredible food. The bakeries here are truly top notch. It helps to travel with a pastry chef, of course, but wow I didn’t know I needed so much flaky goodness.

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